Peer Learning Association (PLA)

SUBJECT AREA Biology/Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Sciences, Psychology

SPECIFIC COURSE(S)  CHEM 103, CHEM 104, CHEM 343, CHEM 345, BIO 151/153, BIO 152, PSYCH 202, PHYSICS 103, PHYSICS 104, ANAT&PHYS 335

TYPE OF SUPPORT Small group, Small group size: 5-12

DELIVERY METHOD: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra through the PLA Canvas page

STUDENTS SERVED Must be enrolled in one of the course PLA supports



The Peer Learning Association (PLA) is a registered student organization that provides students with support and opportunities to improve their study and learning skills, test their understanding, and improve their abilities as self-directed learners.

PLA peer facilitators are trained to focus on the “learning by teaching” method. Using this model, each peer member/student in the peer learning group takes a turn teaching other peer members one of the key concepts/topics/problems. As a result, the peer group members begin to understand the types of questions they should be asking themselves as they study and prepare for future sessions and for success in the course.

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 PLA Director

Use our on-line signup system – Contact for specific information at the beginning of each semester.


Tuesday  4:30 PM or 6:30-7:00 PM

Wednesday  4:30 PM or 6:30-7:00 PM

Thursday  4:30 PM


Department of Zoology                                250 N. Mills

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Our Mission is to promote student collaboration, exchange of ideas, and lasting learning. PLA helps students develop into exemplary scholars by providing support and opportunities designed to improve their study and learning skills, to test their understanding and to improve their abilities as self-directed learners.


“This is a great model for active and engaged learning and would be a benefit in most any class.”      -UW Student, Anonymous

“I cannot imagine classes where students would not benefit greatly from something like this.”  -UW Student, Anonymous