Nursing Learning Center (NLC)

The Nursing Learning Center (NLC) offers support to pre-nursing and nursing students in prerequisite courses, nursing courses, writing, clinicals, NCLEX preparation, and well-being. Weekly, small-group study sessions focus on providing academic assistance in the required nursing science courses. Study sessions are led by TA/graduate students.

SUBJECT AREA: Nursing courses, NCLEX Review

SPECIFIC COURSE(S): All Nursing courses

TYPE OF SUPPORT: One-on-One, Support by Request (SBR), Email

DELIVERY METHOD: Support by request and office hours via Blackboard Collaborate; NCLEX review via Canvas

STUDENTS SERVED: Undergraduate & Graduate Students

SIGN UP PROCESS: Varies; visit


Kelli Richards

TO SIGN UP: Visit  or contact your academic advisor.




Cooper Hall                                         *Various rooms – please see website                 701 Highland Ave

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Sessions also available in BioCommons.


Our Mission is to be a place that students can gather with like-minded, focused, and enthusiastic students to improve not only their understanding of the course material but of their own learning styles.


The Nursing Learning Center has helped by answering my questions in a student-friendly setting that is hard to find elsewhere!  -UW Student, Anonymous

Provides clarity on challenging conscepts in a smaller, less intimidating setting 3) It gave me a different perspective on the material and hearing other students’ questions helped me learn further.     -UW Student, Anonymous