Please note: GUTS’s Academic Match program supports all courses. DDEEA and CAE support select students in all courses.

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Alpha Chi Sigma
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The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement (DDEEA) is comprised of CeO, PEOPLE, First Wave, Posse, Pathways, Chancellor’s and Powers Knapp Scholars.   CONTACT   Africa Lozano  PLEASE NOTE: This learning support unit offers services only to select students! Before contacting this unit, please read more to see if you qualify. TO SIGN UP:
Biochemistry 501
Biochemistry 501 offers biweekly optional discussion sessions led by 2-3 former 501 students, graduate students, postdocs and the course coordinator. During each session the students work through activities designed to help students better understand the material covered in lecture. About Our Mission is to create a friendly, comfortable environment where students
Business Learning Center
Our Mission is to provide a supportive learning environment for students that lack either confidence or competence in the mathematical tools and methods used in the introductory and pre-business curriculum. What Makes Us Unique . . . BLC tutorials are class-based and use modern Active Learning methods to engage and support participating
Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)
CAE provides support services to first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented students of color in the College of Letters and Science during the students’ undergraduate career. This support includes peer-to-peer learning through academic mentoring and writing assistance for all CAE students. Seasoned academic mentors help their newer peers in small group and one-on-one formats
Chemistry Learning Center (CLC)
The Chemistry Learning Center (CLC) provides small-group, collaborative, learning environments for students enrolled in general and organic chemistry courses. What Makes Us Unique . . . Our facilitators establish a safe space so students are comfortable asking questions, and provide immediate feedback as students solve problems. Students actively work on problems
English 100 Tutorial Program
The English 100 Tutorial Program offers students a chance to meet one-on-one with an experienced instructor outside their own class setting. The goal of the Tutorial Program is to provide a sounding board for English 100 writers at all levels of expertise and at any point in the writing process.
Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS)
The Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS) is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) dedicated to connecting UW students with volunteer, peer tutors for assistance with academic courses, study skills, conversational English, and intercultural exchange. They provide free tutoring and mentoring to hundreds of students and university affiliates each semester! ABOUT Our
Math Learning Center (MLC)
Mathlab is a free, drop-in tutorial program of the Department of Mathematics. It is primarily staffed by Mathematics Department teaching assistants. Mathlab is open both in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year, but is closed during the summer sessions. Our Mission is to be a free, drop-in tutorial program
Nursing Learning Center (NLC)
The Nursing Learning Center (NLC) is designed to assist nursing and pre-nursing students in weekly small group study sessions. These sessions will focus on providing academic assistance in the required nursing science courses. These study sessions are led by TA/graduate students. Our Mission is to be a place that students can gather