Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

CAE provides support services to first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented students of color in the College of Letters and Science during the students’ undergraduate career. This support includes peer-to-peer learning through academic mentoring and writing assistance for all CAE students. Seasoned academic mentors help their newer peers in small group and one-on-one formats through academic challenges. Writing assistance is provided by a professional CAE staff member.

CAE fosters an inclusive community aimed at supporting students during all phases of the student life cycle, creating a community in which they can thrive as students and grow as leaders. CAE Academic Mentors work with their peers on academic content, assist with study skills, provide guidance on navigating college, and give tips on becoming successful students and life-long learners. Students and their Academic Mentors develop long-lasting (and mutually beneficial) relationships.

SUBJECT AREA  All Subjects


TYPE OF SUPPORT  One-on-one, Match, Workshops/Reviews, Small group, Small group size: 3-5

DELIVERY METHOD:  All academic mentoring is reote, mainly via BlackBoard Collaborate.

STUDENTS SERVED:  Undergraduate student members of CAE; L&S students: first-gen, low-income, underrepresented students of color (not DDEEA students)



Bob Wiedenhoeft 

 (608) 263-5068

This learning support unit offers services only to select students! Before contacting this unit, please see STUDENTS SERVED & SPECIAL COMMENTS to see if you qualify.

SIGN UP: CAE students must first schedule an appointment with a CAE advisor or a Program Coordinator. Non-CAE students must first complete an intake form. Writing instruction appointments are scheduled via email with the writing instructor.


Physical office is closed.

Virtual drop-in office hours:

Tuesdays 10:30 AM – NOON


B47 Bascom Hall
Madison, WI 53706


*Writing assistance is offered in Helen C. White 


Our Mission is to promote the values of a liberal arts education and find new ways for students to make a difference locally, nationally, and globally by partnering with students to make the Wisconsin Experience a reality.


“Sometimes [peer] learning will cover something that I just recently learned or it will cover something new that will help me understand and learn better for future material.”  -UW Student, Anonymous

“I feel a lot more comfortable being able to ask questions . . . In discussions there are 20 people and you are afraid to ask questions because of what other people might think.”  -UW Student, Anonymous

“It definitely helped shape how I study on my own now and how to study for that class.”   -UW Student, Anonymous

“When I was studying on my own I felt more discouraged when I was confused and sometimes gave up, in peer learning group I feel more encouraged to search for the right answer.”   -UW Student, Anonymous